Its always easy to say that this person knows designing and does designing so he can create anything. But before you say that to any designer please know that there is a lot behind the making of a designer. Designers are gift to any company and play a vital role in company’s growth, but the same designer if not handled well can bring down your company. Below are 10 Points that every designer face in their life or they are actually facing even now!

Pressure: a designer goes through lot of client pressure and work pressure to give the creative outcomes and to match the client deadlines which are not sufficient in most of the cases

Planning: A designer who designs any creative work goes through lot of planning in his mind, weather he is eating sleeping or bathing, all the time planning for a creative output is ongoing in his mind.

Pain: A designer undergoes lot of pain in his career, Pain of getting paid for the work, Head Pain, Back Pack, Eyes Pain, Hand Pain as all the time they are in front of system just for creative output.

Practice: He undergoes lot of practices of new tools and methods and how he can make his own method to simplify the process which comes through practice and experience.

Patience: He undergoes lot of patience test at all levels from every client or work, some may test his patience by getting as many designs possible or some may test the patience by saying, you are the designer you only do what is best for my company, thinking as if we are going to run their company. Therefore, every good designer is a good listener and has high patience.

Price: Designers always go under price competition with various others in the market but the problem is clients do not understand the value of creativity so some designers have their Price Tag and some keep changing their price for every work with other.

Photoshop: One who would do as much work in other software’s, the end output is given from photoshop after playing with curves / levels making the work presentable to the client and please him.

Portfolio: Designers always work to build their strong portfolio as that is what is going to bring them great clients tomorrow.

Process: Designers undergo lot of process of communication, iterations of the artworks, fonts, alignments and colors which becomes a tedious task testing patience as well as bringing creative output.

Peace: With all of this a designer always sleeps in peace as he earns with his skills, does not have to depend on someone, his best companion of all times is a laptop or a computer and every new upgrade of software version or system configuration brings Peace.

Let us know your views and experiences being a designer!


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